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Finding a Topic

We recommend The Curious Researcher by Bruce Ballenger for senior project teachers and students. While it is geared toward the college freshmen research paper, it has a lot of useful advice and breaks up the paper into week-to-week sections. The book really encourages discovery in research other than just gathering facts and opinions.

Finding Topics--Resources

Finding a Topic:  Basic guidelines & parameters for a good topic.

Finding A Topic Assignment: Good assignment to do at the beginning of the senior project. This assignment gets them started on basic research: they will learn whether or not their topic of interest is easy to research. Also, helps to get kids looking at current events instead of the obvious topics students always consider right away. 

San Diego State University has a website that help generate topics for senior projects.

Checking Out Your Tentative Topic: A page of questions to get students to consider their tentative topic carefully and a chance for you to check their progress on finding a good topic.