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Peer Support Referral Form - Student

Who are we? We are a great group of students and adults that want to help YOU! Do you have anything going on in your life stressing you out? Causing you problems? School? Family? Friends? We are 2nd year psychology students trained to be peer listeners. We simply provide one-on-one peer listening. We're not trying to solve your problems. Everything you share is confidential meaning it stays between you and your peer counselor. Do you think you are someone you know could benefit from a caring listener? Maybe you are feeling like you need more support than a peer listener. We also have professional adult therapists available to support you through life challenges you might be dealing with. If so, fill out and submit the form below. You may also come by the HM-1 office (located through the double doors of the HM building and talk to Ms. Merkner.

You can also have your school guidance counselor help you fill out the referral form.